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I’ve been craving my @mikutsutaya nails from the summer but I can’t get out to @vanityprojects so I had to try it myself >.< It definitely doesn’t do @mikutsutaya’s work justice- it’s amazing! @cultcosmetics El Porto -an incredible one coater- and @orlynails Luxe -my new favorite gold!- is the accent!

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Today the Department of Awesome Natural Phenomena shares a rare and incredible sight: a pod of sperm whales fast asleep, floating in a vertical position, some with noses pointed up towards the water’s surface, some pointed down to the ocean floor. It’s a haunting sight, something the whales are believed to do for only brief periods of about 12 minutes at a time. Quick, vertical power naps.

Researchers have observed sleeping sperm whales exhibiting the same sort of Rapid Eye Movement that’s associated with dreaming in humans. So now we’re wondering what sorts of awesome things whales dream about.

Above gif and image taken from video footage used in the Discovery Channel series The Magic of the Big Blue (episode 4 of 7). Click here to watch.

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I’m stopping my letter writing for the rest of the year on November 30th, so if you fancy one before then you can request one at poetryonpaper.tumblr.com

I hope everyone who’s received one likes it! Xx

she’s a tangle of half-filled notebooks
crumpled book jackets.
the post-it note on her bathroom mirror—
“STILL I RISE” in careful, all-caps calligraphy—
screams every morning that
is the only one who can
save her.

but when she meets the boy
with the magnifying-glass eyes
and the Kerouac tattoos,
she can’t help but want to find the constellations in him,
to trace his thoughts
into a beautiful painting of stars.

she plucks the cigarette
from his spiderleg fingers,
and as the friendly smoke fills her lungs,
she imagines how easy it would be to let him heal her wounds.

instead she lets the roll of white paper and tobacco
fall to the concrete
and meet the soft hot rubber
of her purple combat boots.


When you are in Elementary School don’t pull the cute girls hair, don’t chase her around, don’t tease her, Don’t call her names and pretend you don’t like her. Be Sweet. Be Kind. Be Gentle.

When you are in Junior High don’t follow the crowd, don’t compete with the other guys, girls are not…